Self Managed
Superannuation Funds

We can assist you in all of the following areas:

Establish an SMSF

We assist to establish an ATO
compliant SMSF ready for
appropriate wealth creation

Accumulate wealth

We advise on an appropriate
investment strategy, and then
monitor and review regularly.

Accumulate and
accelerate performance

Once you are 55 and still working
we advise on the commencement
of a pension to maximise funds
growth through tax savings.

Choose your lifestyle

Once retired, we continue advising throughout the life of the SMSF, ensuring the maximisation of income streams and minimisation of tax.

All services can include administration, compliance, accounting, actuarials and auditing.

Contact us now to find out about setting up a fund, running your own SMSF
or for existing SMSF queries phone us on 08 8364 7100.