Focused Financial Planning

Our Focused Financial Planning service is for clients who don’t need ongoing
planning services but instead want targeted advice on a “one off” or ad hoc basis, covering specific aspects of their finances.

Targeted advice can cover a wide range of areas from investment and retirement planning to
insurance and estate planning. Advice will be provided by highly qualified Financial Planners on a transparent fee basis. You can pick and choose from the various areas of advice and we can tailor a package to suit your current requirements.

Some examples of where our Focused Financial Planning Service can work really well are covered below:

Existing Self Managed
Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

If you currently have a SMSF but need some assistance with the structure of the fund, investment strategy, investments, insurance, estate planning, pension arrangements or you just want someone to take a look at your fund to make sure it is compliant with the SMSF regulations and rules, we can assist you.

Superannuation Review

For people still working this could involve analysing what contributions should be made to a personal or employer super to maximise your
position. Alternatively, if you are like many people with several super accounts, it may be appropriate to consider consolidating the various super accounts into the most suitable fund for you going forward.

Pre-Retirement Planning

If you are near to retirement you will also need to consider how best to use your super to provide an income in retirement. This decision may involve a consideration of a pre-retirement pension. The route you take may have a critical impact on your retirement income and therefore your lifestyle in retirement, making financial advice at this stage of life an
absolute must. In many ways, people nearing retirement should take advice well before the actual date. This is because there are significant risks of leaving the decision about how to draw benefits until close to the actual retirement date.

Insurance Review

Even if you don’t want or need advice on your wider finances at this stage, almost everyone should consider what would happen to their loved ones or lifestyle in the event of a personal disaster such as death, injury or illness.

It is all well and good planning for the future and it would be nice to think that our dreams can all be fulfilled, however, this is not always the case as much can go wrong during our lifetimes. We may become ill and unable to work for a period of time, or require funds to fight a debilitating illness. Alternatively we might want to make provision for our families in the event that we die prematurely.

As part of an Insurance Review, we will review any existing insurance arrangements you have, including those provided by employers. This will ensure your overall personal disaster plan is integrated and effective should the worst happen and it is needed. This will be done via our
personalised software which has access to most insurance companies and products in the market place. We will also be the first point of contact in the unfortunate event of a personal insurance claim, and provide
guidance through the process.

Estate Planning Review

Many of our clients want to ensure their assets are efficiently transferred to the next generation, whether during their lifetime or after their death. By choosing our Focused Financial Planning Service you will be able to receive advice as to what estate planning is necessary to ensure assets are passed to the desired beneficiaries in a timely and tax efficient manner.


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